Monday, May 11, 2015

What I Watched in April

Last month I was able to see the much talked about horror film IT FOLLOWS and I am squarely in the camp of those that were impressed. Indeed, its one of the best of the recently made scary movies I've seen in a long time. The central concept of a sexually passed along deadly threat is an over obvious metaphor but the film carries its idea to such fascinating places and in such realistic ways that having the symbolism so near the surface actually added to the achievement. I've read some viewers complain about the speed of the narrative but I found the calm, deliberate pace to be seductive as I was sucked into the film's world, trying to place the time period (impossible) and character relationships (complicated). As the threat began to manifest itself the film reached heights of creepy dread that thrilled me. Here is a film in complete control of its strengths that also knows where to place its characters for maximum effect. And the score is brilliant as well sounding like the kind of thing John Carpenter would have composed if he retired to just crafting music for other people's films. This is a refreshing change of pace from the current state of the horror genre and I look forward to more from these filmmakers. More like this please!

THE LIVING HEAD (1963) - 5 (Mexican horror effort is OK if slow)
PICTURE MOMMY DEAD (1966)- 7 Bert I Gordon doing a William Castle riff)
PULGASARI (1985)- 6 (North Korean giant monster epic)
WAX (2014) - 6
GOING CLEAR (2015)- 8 (excellent documentary on Scientology)
DOCTOR MORDRID (1992)- 7 (rewatch)
IT FOLLOWS (2015)- 8
JENNIFER (1977) - 6
BEAR ISLAND (1979)- 7 (rewatch)
CASTLE OF BLOOD (1964) - 8 (rewatch)
99 and 44/100% DEAD (1974)- 7 (strange but entertaining crime film)
THE 'HUMAN' FACTOR (1975)- 7 (well done revenge thriller) 

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Nick Rentz said...

Out of the movies that involve severed heads, how would you rank them?