Sunday, March 01, 2015

PULGASARI (1985) poster art

I've known about this legendary monster film from North Korea for a few years but never watched it. For some reason I got curious about it and plan to check out both it and its 1996 remake GALGAMETH in the near future. Here is a good but brief article on the bizarre story of how this film got produced (think North Korean dictator!) and below is the entire film with English subtitles on YouTube. Let's all check this one out together. 


Nick Rentz said...

Just listened to the Murder Mansion podcast and enjoyed it. If I become a nuisance with my comments and questions, just let me know. I enjoy talking about movies and never get to as much as I would like. There's a giant monster movie from South Korea called Yongary. Have you seen that one?

Rod Barnett said...

Yes I have seen Yongary! I have even seen it incredibly crap-tastic 1999 remake! Neither film is very good but the 1967 has some nostalgia-tinged fun entertainment value for me.

And you are the opposite of a nuisance! Keep'em coming. You keep me on my toes.