Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Bloody Pit #19 - ALL MONSTERS ATTACK (1969)

After much behind the scenes wrangling we have finally produced an episode on Godzilla! And boy, have we found a way to come at this great character in a way guaranteed to confuse fans and confound listeners. That's right- we're going to talk about the stranger movies in the Big G's list of credits and what more bizarre place to start than this oddity also known as GODZILLA'S REVENGE. This will be the first in a series of shows Troy and I will be doing over the course of the next year focusing on the less well admired movies in the long running series. This series of podcasts will be labeled Controversial Kaiju and we think it will be of interest to both major monster fans and those with a casual curiosity in the giant radioactive lizard.

Troy is a hard-core fan of the genre and Godzilla in particular while I am an untutored fan of the films with little knowledge to inform my appreciation. Luckily, for me, Troy has read extensively on the subject and brings his familiarity with the facts to our discussion. Hopefully he will be able to increase your appreciation of the film at hand as well as the genre as a whole.

If you have any information of your own to impart drop us a line at and let us know what your favorite or least favorite Godzilla film might be. We should be back in the Spring with another Controversial Kaiju entry!


mark said...

Excellent work gents. All Monsters Attack certainly sounds like a turd but your podcast has really whetted my appetite for some Godzilla action, in fact I've just finished watching King Kong Escapes (not exactly Godzilla I know but it will have to do for now). Love the angle that you're approaching these films from too, more please!

Rod Barnett said...

Well, we are certainly trucking on with the Godzilla episodes! Hope you enjoy them all!