Monday, September 22, 2014

THE RIFT (1990) - Wait- What!

How did I not know about this film? Holy Crap! This is the film the amazing (if you know what I mean) director Juan Piquer Simón made after the incredible (if you know what I mean) SLUGS (1988) and I didn't even know it exited! How I managed to look over his IMDb page and not gravitate to this tale of a damaged submarine and its rescue from the bottom of the sea I will never know.  J.P. Simón created the brilliant (if you know what I mean) PIECES (1982) which left an indelible mark on the young me and I can only expect the same thing from this film. Right? It stars R. Lee Ermey,  Ray Wise and even has Spanish actor Tony Isbert who popped up in several Paul Naschy films.  Plus, its streaming on Amazon Prime for free so I cannot avoid it and its awesomeness. I'll report back!

It was also known as ENDLESS DESCNET! Look at the poster art! There are tentacles! I cannot wait! 

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