Monday, August 18, 2014

Outer Limits - The Game?!?!?

How did I not know this exists? Holy crap! Here's the description from Board Game Geek

-The game consists of a deck of 42 cards: 8 'Radar Image', 32 'Monster Parts', and 2 Wild cards. A game board is also included which has spaces for up to four 'radar' screens'.
-The entire deck is shuffled and five to ten cards are dealt to each player (depending on how many are playing).
-On each turn a player draws one card and then may play one card to each active Radar screen on the board. If he holds a 'Radar Image' and an empty screen exists it must be played (this is the only compulsory play). Monster Parts may only be played on areas that have an Image.
-The first person to get rid of his hand of cards wins.
-A good card matching game for Ages 7 - 12... not much more.

Doesn't sound great but I'd love to at least see the sucker. Amazing. 

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