Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is Wrong with RETURN OF THE JEDI ?

Lots of things. I can remember how much I loved this film as a teenager and that love lasted about ten years. Some time in my twenties I realized just how sloppy, dumb and irritating so much of ROTJ is. There is a solid fifteen or twenty minutes in the film (mostly the beginning and parts of the end) but in the final analysis this film is pretty sad.

Allow this video to illustrate---


david_b said...

I knew it was dumb when it first came out.. I recall specifically sitting in my seat on the day it premiered, naming out all the new action figures and vehicles in each scene. I was bored stiff.

Nothing grabbed me. Bad hair styles, plodding story, Harrison Ford mugging at the camera.., I'll only watch the 'Family Guy' version nowadays.

Rod Barnett said...

And I can't even watch THAT version!