Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Bloody Pit #6 - Sgt. Preston of the Yukon

With the end of Winter fast approaching you might think my thoughts would turn to Spring and the fun outdoor activities just around the corner. No- not me. I'm still trying to enjoy the indoor activities that the colder months bring like hunkering down in front of the TV and watching television shows from the 1950s or listening to old radio shows from even earlier decades. That is the subject of this spontaneous episode of The Bloody Pit. I fell in love with the old Challenge of the Yukon radio show years back and when the snow flies (or when it ought to be flying) I relish settling in and enjoying some of these adventure shows. Sgt. Preston and Yukon King tales are very much a relic of their times but that is one of the things I find appealing about them. I like the TV show but I love the radio episodes so I've folded one of them into this short podcast. I hope you enjoy this look at a mostly forgotten piece of entertainment history.

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