Thursday, February 07, 2013

THE SHINING - the video game?

There are no words to explain how funny this is to me. No words at all. 


Blue Highwind said...

Hey, fellow blogger here, fellow fan of B-movies and monster films and the sort. I know this is off topic (though a Shining video game is a funny idea), but I don't know how else to contact you. Impressive blog you've seen a LOT of movies.

I see that you have a review of "Ju Jin Yuki Otoko" (AKA: Half Human). I've been having just a massive hell of a time trying to find this thing. I'm reviewing all the old giant monster movies on my own blog, and I completely cannot find any copy of the original Japanese version of this movie. I was able to track down a version with Russian subtitles, but obviously this was not an ideal viewing, since I don't speak Japanese and can't read Russian.

I was wondering, how did you track this movie down? And how did you get subtitles for it?

Rod Barnett said...

The copy I have of HALF-HUMAN was given to me by a buddy and I have been too nice to ask too many questions - if you know what I mean. I CAN ask him to slide me another copy for you if you'd like.