Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Reading- Doc Savage!

Each Winter I feel the strange urge to wallow in Pop Culture from decades before I was born. I can’t rationally explain why my love for movies from the 1930s and 1940s or Pulp Hero fiction from the same era surges to the forefront of my brain in the colder months, but it happens and I just roll with it. This usually means that in January and February I watch a larger than normal number of older films and read a lot of Doc Savage, Spider, G-8 and Shadow novels. This year is proving to be no exception. But at this point in my life I’ve read so many of each of these series that I’m finding it difficult to immediately remember if I’ve read a particular book. This makes the normal grabbing of a book off the shelf to plunge strait in method of picking my next piece of fun adventure fiction more problematic. In fact, I’ve realized I need to actually print off a list of, say, all the Doc Savage tales and check mark the ones I’ve read. I want to say this means I’ve read so many that I’m whittling down the ‘to read’ pile but I know that in reality I’m just getting old. Oh well- it beats the alternative and these old Pulp tales are some of the best entertainment around.


Brian Lindsey said...

FYI: Coming next month (March 2013) from Altus Press... DOC SAVAGE: SKULL ISLAND by Will Murray & Joe DeVito. The Man of Bronze meets the lengendary monster ape!!!

Rod Barnett said...

Oh Holy God! Can not wait!