Sunday, November 25, 2012

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Movie Poster Art

There have been dozens of film adaptations of Burroughs' various fantasy creations with JOHN CARTER being the most recent. I have a great fondness for the three cheesy movies made from his adventures about the hidden land named Pellucidar. I love Hollow Earth fiction of all sorts and would love to see a return to the big screen of these kinds of tales. And because as a kid I lumped it in with these movies I'm including the kind of ERB inspired WARLORD OF ATLANTIS. All of them are perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.

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Rockett Davey said...

Wouldn't That be A Great NEW Film
Know One Knows This ERB Story
F-John Carter Not Just Original To All
It Will Happen
DOPE Effects
You Watch It Will Slay In 10 Years