Monday, September 03, 2012

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comic books

Although I never saw the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV series when I was younger I now find watching it on DVD to be a lot of fun. I can't defend it as a GOOD show, but I consider it one of the older series that gives me a strangely warm glow when I go out of my way to watch an episode. Now I'm interested in finding and reading some of the tie-in comic books from Gold Key and they have been helpfully collected in nice volumes just recently. Hell! Just looking at the amazing cover paintings is a great time.


Kal said...

Gold Key did so many great covers on their comics. I miss them. VBS is one of those shows I remember watching in Syndication during the cold winter months.

Rod Barnett said...

I missed out on a lot of great 60s TV as I grew up near Chattanooga. If it wasn't shown on one of those three stations I just never saw it. Thank the gods for DVD!