Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Flesh and Blood issue #2 arrives!

For those unaware- the second issue of Bob Tinnell and Neil Volks' amazing monster comic book series has hit the shelves and is well worth your dollars. I stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago and finally read the entire thing over the course of a couple of late night fanboy sessions. These stunning mash-ups of elements from both the Universal and Hammer horror film cycles is the kind of near perfect monster fan joy that only rarely appears in any form of modern entertainment. The character list in this fast paced tale reads like a dream 'vs.' list made by a delirious kid right after a marathon viewing of a dozen assorted classic monster movies. "What if Van Helsing met Baron Frankenstein?" "What if the female vampire of THE VAMPIRE LOVERS got mixed up with the characters of the Dracula story?" "What if a tragic Wolfman was part of the vampire hunting team?" "What would Baron Frankenstein do when presented with vampires as a reality?"

And what if it was all done in bright glowing colors with all the sex and violence placed front and center? Maybe this isn't for the little ones but I think any mature fan of the classic horror films from the 1930s through the 1970s will love this ongoing series of graphic novels. I can't wait for issue three! For now I'll just re-read the first two and post things over at their FaceBook page.

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