Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movies I can not wait to see!

It was good that on the day I read the depressing news that incompetent hack Eli Roth will be directing another horror film I also saw the posters for these two movies. I really cannot wait to see these movies. My excitement  grows each day!


Brian Lindsey said...

Speculation has it that Roth's next film - titled GREEN INFERNO - will be his spin on CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

As bad as movies get there is always another one I want to see around the next corner.

Rod Barnett said...

Yes- that is the supposed title of Roth's next artistic failure. From spoiled little rich kid to worthless QT hanger-on to crappy filmmaker. Thank you America!

Cal- I know! Its one of the few things that keeps me smiling through whatever happens in life.

Brian Lindsey said...

Indeed. And SKYFALL has the potential to be epic. I haven't missed a Bond film in the theater since 1973... Fingers crossed!