Thursday, March 08, 2012

What I Read In February

I have really enjoyed finally getting to read the run of Jack Kirby's post-apocalyptic comic book series KAMANDI. It reeks of the 1970s and is repeatedly clunky in its storytelling in a way the only Kirby could make endearing, but its pure energy and constant forward momentum is a blast. I'm loving ever mad issue!

The Real and Demon's Night are two books I would never have read or even known about without the Kindle. Its these kind of discoveries that continue to make that eReader a welcome addition to my library.

DOC SAVAGE: THE DESERT DEMONS by Kenneth Robeson (great new novel)
THE MUGGER by Ed McBain (classic 87th Precinct novel)
THE REAL by James Cole (very good horror/thriller tale)
KAMANDI -Archive Edition Vol. 1 by Jack Kirby (issues 1-10)
DEMON'S NIGHT, a Jason Dark supernatural mystery by Guido Henkel


Brian Lindsey said...

The 2nd "New Wild Adventures" of Doc Savage book, HORROR IN GOLD, is just as much old-school fun as THE DESERT DEMONS. (And it's only like five bucks or so for the Kindle.)

Rod Barnett said...

I know! I have it my sights......