Wednesday, November 16, 2011


How long has it been since we've had a sexy, live-action Batgirl? Has it really been since the 1960s BATMAN TV show? I know they tried in that fourth lame-ass Batman film to foist off Alicia Silverstone as a modern crime fighting partner for the Caped Crusader but that entire movie was a disaster and Miss Silverstone was about as sexy as wet rag.


david_b said...

Ah, Batgirl.. As with most alpha-males our age, she was TOPS..!!

Curvy babes in tight purple spandex still do it for me, I'll leave it at that..

Vulnavia Morbius said...

Er, actually, Dina Meyer appeared as Batgirl in a couple of flashback sequences in the ill-fated Birds of Prey TV series. She was a pretty good Barbara Gordon, actually, even if the show wasn't worthy of her.

Rod Barnett said...

Dina Meyer as Batgirl? Now that is a good idea! I've heard some good things about the Birds of Prey series (although your comments are a bit mixed) so this might get me to seek it out sooner rather than later.