Monday, October 03, 2011


I finally caught up with CORRUPTION a.k.a. CARNAGE because of a recent Turner Classic Movies screening. It is a pretty good movie that wears its status as a rip-off of the much superior 1959 French film EYES WITHOUT A FACE pretty well. It is well shot and well paced with everyone onscreen putting their all into the proceedings. The ending is the weakest section as the various things that come together seem just a bit too convenient and silly to really feel like a natural end to the story. Also, I feel that the great Peter Cushing is slightly mis-cast in his role as the love-blind doctor who resorts to murderous means to save his beloved’s good looks. Don’t get me wrong- he does a fine job but I kept thinking a younger, less aristocratic man might have been a better fit. Maybe I just don’t like seeing Cushing as a wild-haired lunatic fearful that he’s about to be caught with a severed head in his luggage?

Still- its worth seeing for British horror fans, Peter Cushing fans and those curious about face stealing movies. I wonder how many face stealing movies have been made? But be warned that the jazz flavored score is often (and I mean often) inappropriate to the actions and mood onscreen. This is yet another film in need of an alternate musical score.

Oh! And it look like my buddy Randy has been watching films from the same TCM well as I have. Here's his haiku take on CORRUPTION.


Richard of DM said...

I watched Corruption in pieces over a few nights last week and I really enjoyed it for the most part. It is definitely odd and uneven. And that ending! Huh? WTF? The only thing that bothered me about this film is the sped up chase sequence near the end. I was actually yelling at the TV when that bit kicked in.

Rod Barnett said...

Yeah- the sped up chase was silly and unnecessary but the music was the thing that I remember as the stand out 'off' thing. And that sad tag of an ending trying to loop the narrative is just...... dumb. I still enjoyed the film but it is flawed.