Sunday, June 12, 2011

Streaming Blind Dead!

If you have NetFlix you can watch TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD right on your computer or other streaming device! And the best thing about this is that they are only offering the full length Spanish version with English subtitles! That's right. You can watch the correct version of the classic 'La Noche del Terror Ciego' without wondering what bits got cut out to bring the running time down to a Drive-In friendly double feature length. What a wonderful world we live in where such a great piece of cult cinema is so easily available. Go forth and enjoy the deadly undead Knight Templars.

Of course, without buying the DVD you won't have access to the insane alternate prologue opening for REVENGE OF THE PLANET APE but you can see it here. I love the Drive-In exploitation madness of the 1970s!


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