Monday, December 06, 2010

400 MGM titles on the way!

I read over the weekend that Fox (they have control of the MGM film library) is planning to go the Burn on Demand DVD route with 400 movies never before released to disc. Being the type of fellow I am I'm most interested in the odder genre films but the entire list pretty good. Here's a list of some I find of interest--

By Love Possessed (1961)- Lana Turner, Jason Robards and George Hamilton star.

Diary Of A Madman (1963)-Vincent Price as a sculptor possessed by an evil spirit who becomes a brutal murderer. I love this film!

Futureworld (1976)- sequel to WESTWORLD that I haven't seen in years.

Rolling Thunder (1977) - Awesome revenge story.

The Satan Bug (1965) - A great film with John Sturges directing an Alister MacLean thriller.

Vigilante Force (1976)- Amazing modern day western with a great cast.

The Witches (1968)- I'm very curious about this comedy with several directors.

Of course, the usual $20 price point is a joke but one can hope for sales.

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