Sunday, November 07, 2010

Elena Verdugo - loves Wolf Man/owns pistol- do the math

I couldn't let Halloween season go without a visit to the HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944). Yes. I know Halloween was over a week ago but I was feeling I needed a little more Universal monster goodness and the two HOUSE OF movies always get the job done for me. This time through I noticed some things I'd never noticed before like the electric cord dangling from the lantern J. Carrol Naish carries as he and Karloff escape from prison. And after being clued in by a buddy I also spotted the mustache fail on John Carradine's Dracula right before his sunlight demise. But the thing I was most captivated by this time out was the lovely Elena Verdugo as Ilonka the gypsy girl. I don't know why I'd never fixated on her until now but I must say she was a truly beautiful lady and one worthy of further attention. Does this mean I'll suffer through another viewing of the Inner Sanctum disaster THE FROZEN GHOST to see her again in black & white glory? Probably. I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

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