Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BMC - B-Movies Online

I'm thrilled to note that AMC's website has opened a page that allows the viewing of several classic B-movies for free. The movies are streamed in the usual inter-tubes manner and, from my sampling so far, seem to be from good looking prints. Several of the films have yet to be released on DVD so it might be the only way to see them without resorting to bootlegs of dubious quality. The offerings include CAT GIRL, Corman's THE UNDEAD, FIEND WITHOUT A FACE, DEVIL DOLL, VOODOO WOMAN and THE PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE. If you're looking to see some cool old horror movies for free this is as good a place as any other and word is that they plan to add more in the future.



Rhatfink said...

It looks like a bunch of the films they are streaming come from the Dark Sky collection. Some good stuff there, though.

Elena Anele said...

Thanks!! It's a great site!! Lots to watch!