Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cult directors speak

As a standard issue movie geek I'm interested in directors. Fascinated by them actually. I've read a number of biographies about various directors and enjoyed them very much but I find that most of the cult filmmakers I'm curious about these days have very little written about them of this variety. For instance, Jess Franco has had plenty of ink spilled about his films but I've read precious little about his private life outside of how it relates to his constant quest to express himself in celluloid. Luckily he's still alive and often gets interviewed about his work and the occasional tidbit of personal info ends up floating amide the amusing anecdotes and just plain BS. Here's one that I enjoyed enough to re-read recently and thought I'd pass it one to you. LINK

Gary Sherman would go down in horror and cult film history as a genius if the only thing he'd ever done was DEATH LINE a.k.a. RAW MEAT. But his directing of DEAD & BURIED, VICE SQUAD and the clusterfuck of a sequel POLTERGEIST III make him someone worthy of a book length study that may never be written. Until then there is this 2009 interview that shines some light on his life, work and process. It's well worth a read.