Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sophia Hardy - Euro Babe

This evening (as threatened) I watched Jess Franco's ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS (1966) a.k.a. CARTES SUR TABLE and enjoyed it quite a lot. Its a fun comedy/spy adventure with some great fights, some fun dialog and a nice breezy style. But the most impressive thing visually was actress Sophia Hardy. Wowsa!

She has a kind of 'pixie dream girl' thing going on with a smile that could melt steel plating. In this film she had dark hair but from the photos I can find she may have actually been a blond. Or not. I don't care! I'd like to see more of her movies but the 60s stuff might be hard to find. I don't even remember her from THE ROAD TO SALINA but I saw that years ago so maybe my eyesight has gotten better over time. Or maybe black & white photography makes it easier to spot beauty.

Or not.

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