Sunday, July 05, 2009

What I watched in June

Because of some irritating computer problems this list is missing at least one movie that I can't recall from the beginning of the month. When I regain my full list I'll post about whatever got left off. Its fun when your motherboard goes out!

Anyway- I finished off JEKYLL (excellent and a must view for science fiction/horror fans) and the brilliant second season of DEXTER. I can't wait to see the third season of what is clearly the best show currently running on American TV.

DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) - 9 (incredible- funny and scary)
MARTYRS (2008)- 8 (powerful and creepy French film)
TO LET (2006) – 5 (Spanish horror film that doesn’t quite make it)
JOHNNY HAMLET (1968) – 7 (great spaghetti western take on the Bard)
UP (2009) – 10 (I laughed, I cried- it became a part of me)
BLOODY HANDS OF THE LAW (1973)- 5 (mediocre Euro-Crime)
FAST AND FURIOUS (2009) – 6 (dumb car driving fun)
TRAILER PARK OF TERROR (2008) – 6 (not a bad horror tale)
THE FALL (2006)- 7 (not completely successful but well worth seeing)
BRICK (2005)- 8 (fascinating neo-noir set in high school)
FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 in 3D (1982)- 4 (not as bad as I remember but not really good either-plus the 3D on the new DVD just doesn't really work for me)
TURISTAS (2006) – 4 (meh)
SAN QUENTIN (1937) – 5 (not bad but never rises above average- and am I alone in thinking that Pat O'Brien was not a very good actor?)

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