Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What I watched in May

An interesting month with theatrical trips being....disappointing.....for the most part. Besides the movie list below I caught up with the British TV series SPACED and loved every mad moment. I have started the series JEKYLL as well and plan to comment on it when I've finished. So far it is simply fantastic. And I topped it off with the first few episodes of the American post apocalyptic series JERICHO. It's interesting but inconsistent and at times poorly thought out so I'm not sure I'll watch any more of them even though I like the cast.

ASYLUM (1972)- 6 (not the best Amicus anthology but still good) (rewatch)
COMANCHE STATION (1960)- 7 (Randolph Scott western- well written and dark)
LIVE AND LET DIE (1973)- 7 (Moore’s first Bond is a good start) (rewatch)
IN THE NAME OF THE KING (2007)- 6 (Uwe Boll finally makes a film that isn’t shit)
IRON WARRIOR (1987)- 2 (Ator returns for no good reason)
STAR TREK (2009)- 5 (flashy and dumb as a bag of hammers)
X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (2009)- 5 (not as awful as I expected but could have used fewer characters and a tighter focus in the final third)
HERCULES (1958)- 8
THEY CALL ME TRINITY (1971)- 7 (very good if too often silly)
LAID TO REST (2008)- 5 (not bad but too many ‘I don’t think so’ moments)
SEVEN GUNS FOR THE MACGREGORS (1966)- 7 (damned fun spaghetti western)
THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN (2009) – 8 (funnier than the first)
LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (2009)- 7 (surprising solid remake with good performances)
ATOR, THE FIGHTING EAGLE (1982)- 2 (Wow! Just Wow!)
THE LOST MISSILE (1958)- 4 (rare sci-fi oddity)
TIMECRIMES (2007)- 7 (fascinating twisty tale)
DEAR DEAD DELILAH (1972)- 6 (author John Farris tries his hand at horror movies and makes an interesting southern gothic)
TERMINATOR SALVATION (2009)- 3 (shitty, shitty script)
TEN LITTLE INDIANS (1965)- 7 (umpteenth version of the story is pretty good)
CAPTAIN APACHE (1971)- 4 (weak Lee Van Cleef western)
THE GUNFIGHTER (1950)- 7 (early psychological western with Gregory Peck)

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