Friday, January 09, 2009

MAX PAYNE or how I began to doubt Mark Wahlberg's reading skills

I was looking over the movies I watched in 2008 and a few things occurred to me. One was that I need to watch more westerns (as I stated earlier) but the other was that somehow Mark Wahlberg starred in two of the worst movies I saw all year. Plenty of ink has been spilled over how terrible a film THE HAPPENING was but relatively little has been written about how mind bendingly awful Mr. Wahlberg’s other sad offering was- MAX PAYNE. That sucker really stank up theaters around the world and truly deserved its ignominious fast exit from public view. Markie Mark needs to develop a better eye for scripts or his career is is in major trouble.

I know that movies based on video games are not ever a great bet for quality filmmaking but WHOOO! Rarely am I so bored I nearly fall asleep in a theater but I was close to snooze-ville with this thing. It was sad, silly and most of all dull dull dull. Most people I know can’t understand why I paid good money to see this movie in the first place. I have no good defense other than the fact that the trailer looked pretty cool and I am an eternal film optimist. Hell! I gave Stephan Sommers three tries before I crossed him off my list.

Also, when I first saw the trailer I was with an 11 year old boy and we both thought it looked promising. I guess there is still a bit of an 11 year old inside me influencing my outlook on entertainment if the right buttons get pushed. No apologies, though. I like watching movies with both my inner and outer 11 year old. I wonder what will happen when the outer one turns 12 this coming June?

Any way- here's the trailer that cost me a matinee screening of this turkey.

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