Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Hate People! (Not really)

I simply love the 1971 musical film version of Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol. Entitled SCROOGE it stars Albert Finney as Ebenezer Scrooge and he gives one of the best performances of his life. Ripping into the character, Finney shows us both the despicable aspects of the old man and the warm, loving human being he was in his younger days leading to a series of incredibly touching scenes in the last twenty minutes of the film. I’ve heard some folks remark that Scrooge is such a mean spirited bastard here that he becomes unsympathetic but I think that is way off the mark. For the man’s redemption to really mean something you have to see him as a truly cold hearted creature and this version nails it. This film never gets old for me and never stops making me glad I’m alive and surrounded by loved ones during the Holiday season.

Here is my favorite song from the movie- and actually my favorite song in the world.

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