Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beautiful Mystery Poster Art

I have brazenly stolen this image from David Zuzelo's excellent blog and I'm in love with this art work. I have no idea what film it was painted for and my search of the IMDB has yielded only questions. I can't even hazard a good guess so I'm turning to the three to four people that actually read this sad little blog- What movie is this poster supposed to advertise? Help a guy out if you can! And if you can only guess, that would be fine too.


Dr Gangrene said...

This title means Invaders from Space in French. It is from a 1970 French sci-fi film by that name. You can buy the poster here:

Rod Barnett said...

Thank you good Doctor! Now I just have to track down a copy of the sucker!

El Abuelito said...

You can find this japanese film on emule. The english tittle is "Yog, monster from Space"; directed by Inoshiro Honda, the original tittle is "Kessen Nankai no Daikaiju" (1970). It´s a very fun film, you can also read about that at
Greetings from Spain!!