Saturday, December 16, 2006

Invisible MASTERS

I was looking through the local newspaper checking the TV listings today when I spotted something interesting. There was an Associated Press story with the headline ’ Showtime grabs attention with original programming’. It’s a short piece about the smaller than HBO premium cable channels attempts to create edgy high quality shows to lure new viewers. The shows WEEDS, DEXTER and THE ‘L’ WORD are described briefly to point out what is different or fresh about them in relation to shows on broadcast TV. But I expected there to be a mention of the only reason I’ve been curious about the channel for the last year or so- the MASTERS OF HORROR series. There is nothing like it anywhere else on the dial and even if there is a high miss-to-hit ratio to the episodes this year it is certainly an edgy show. But there isn’t a single mention of MOH. Not one. I mean- is there another anthology horror series out there right now? One that tries to attract the best of directors in the field and puts nearly no creative controls on them? How odd, I thought.

Why would an article on this subject NOT include at least a note about such a unique show? Is it that there is still (and will always be) a prejudice against the genre? I know the show is a hit at least on a certain level as it has brought them viewers that would never have subscribed otherwise. And sales of the DVDs are solid too.

Hell! I’m probably reading too much into this. But it is odd.


Rhatfink said...

Face it, horror is still relegated to the nursery as far as many people are concerned. While it is my 3rd best selling category, I've been told in the past to hide it on the backside of a rack.

Additionally, there is no mainstream critical buzz on MOH like there is for those other shows. Hey, when people think of great HBO programming, you never hear them mention Tales From The Crypt either.

Mister Ghoul said...

Well, Showtime showed its true cajones (or lack thereof) by refusing to air Takashi Miike's first-season entry. So much for being "cutting-edge". At the end of the day, they'll treat it as their ugly stepchild.