Sunday, November 12, 2006

THE EVIL (1978)

I've been going through the second volume of trailers from Synapse called 42nd STREET FOREVER: THE DEUCE. It's another great collection of rare and fantastic previews with the rarities really pushing my buttons this time. The standout is the amazing trailer for THE EVIL. Starring Richard Crenna in a shaggy beard and a few other actors I recognize it appears to be a full strength haunted house movie with all kinds of supernatural goings on. It really looks like a creepy ride and soME quick research has turned up Phil Hardy's review calling it better than THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE! Now I've got to see this thing! Even if Hardy is wrong (as he frequently is) that kind of recommendation is reason enough to check it out.

It apparently was released on VHS in the 80s and I've found a copy of the tape going for too much on eBay here. I'd like to get it but more than $16 for a video tape just hurts to think about.

Still.....I gotta see this film. Maybe there are better options out there. I'd better get to hunting.

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Rhatfink said...

Yeah, I saw that listing on ebay as well. Perhaps The Great Escape might have a cheap copy?